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A listing in DroneBL is NOT always related to spam. But in most cases because of an open proxy !!!

Details about 2804:18:1037:76f3:7fbf:d809:496a:1b1

Country: Brazil (BR)
Reverse: none
Autonomous System Number: AS26599


Lookup results for 2804:18:1037:76f3:7fbf:d809:496a:1b1

There are listings for 2804:18:1037:76f3:7fbf:d809:496a:1b1 in DroneBL. To get removed from our DNSBL, you will need to address all of these incident listings.

Incident ID Date Class Why? Comments Port Remove
5982081 Nov-08-2018 20:24:09 GMT 3 IRC spam drone (litmus/sdbot/fyle) none - request removal