I'm pissed

  • I'm pissed at the kiddies who think ddos is fun.
  • I'm pissed at hostings/providers not caring enough about their abuse@ mailbox. And I'm more pissed at customer service centers that act like nothing urgent is going on when you call them about their network being part in a DDoS attack.
  • I'm pissed at hostings not checking creditcards and client information before accepting an order.

Internet needs a change, providers need to react faster in these days, they need to act more responsible and faster.

There should be a mechanism as endpoint to tell another endpoint in a fast way that you don't want their traffic, without needing to make a shitload of calls or send emails. Call it reverse firewalling. But that would in my opinion be a simple solution to stop ddos. Or at least stop making you feel it's effects.

outsider / Feb-24-2011 19:15:58 GMT

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