Moar Updates ;)

Latest changes to dronebl include, but are not limited to:

  • passwords are now SHA-512 hashed. they will be converted automatically on first successful login, so you can still provide md5 hashes for setting up new accounts.
  • country/asn resolving now done internally using own method importing delegations from and asn table from on a daily base, this should also reduce the load on TeamCymru's whois server a LOT ;)
  • rpc(2) is now more extensive, rpc2 won't break on batches but simply skips faulty entries with a warning,
  • rpc2's lookup ip range/mask stuff replaced by CIDR support, makes it more suitable for full ipv4/v6 support.
  • lookup/lookup_branded has been combined, also relayouted it a little.
  • lookup also shows if a ticket already has been submitted for a specific entry.
  • bogon database added in order to prevent people adding bogon's (non allocated space) (thx TeamCymru), updated daily.
  • postgres trigger functions rewritten in order to improve performance.
  • cron scripts updated in order to improve performance, also stripped stuff as it has been replaced with other realtime functions upon submission.
  • removal requests are now bundled, if a request is done for an ip/submitter pair, all other submits from the same submitter are tagged along.

outsider / Aug-04-2016 21:39:47 GMT

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