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DroneBL's Expiration Policy

By default, active entries do not auto-expire as we've found that many remain unfixed for multiple years. All active entries currently require that a removal request be filed against the entry. If you believe that the entry is due to a previous (not current) user of the same IP, please state this in your removal request. Removal requests can be filed using the "request removal" link beside each listing.

Administrators should take decent care of their network and should be aware of the problems in their networks in order to deal with them. Especially these days when abuse mailboxes are mostly filled up with the sender not getting any responses, we notice that keeping entries DOES have a pro-active effect. (IP's listed cannot be simply reassigned to for example business clients, as there is a high probability they will also flush their mail through that pipeline)

outsider / May-02-2016 11:52:27 GMT

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