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DroneBL source

As of May 15, 2007, DroneBL's backend software has been released as Open Source software. You can use our software to create your own blacklist, or to create patches to improve the DroneBL service. Information on accessing our backend source is below:

You do not need the DroneBL source in order to access and contribute data to DroneBL! The source is only needed for setting up the DroneBL backend software for a different blacklist, etcetera.

Mercurial access at

To work with the latest code of DroneBL, you need to check it out:

  $ hg clone

The current DroneBL sources will be exported into the newly created dronebl directory.

To update, use something like:

  $ hg pull -u

Or if you have the appropriate extensions loaded:

  $ hg fetch

Submitting patches to the DroneBL software

Please submit patches to DroneBL via our IRC channel, at #dronebl.

You can use hg export to export the patches in a format that allows for easy importation and attribution. If you've never used Mercurial to generate patches before, this QuickStart tutorial might help, as well as this document on Mercurial in daily use.

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