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RPC Key Request

Please read the RPC2 documentation and understand it before requesting a key. Also note that this is not a contact form. It is a form for requesting RPC keys.

All fields are required. Feel free to report any issues.

RPC Key Requestform

If applicable, specify the following details: network name, your nickname, irc:// address and website. Also, if you are AS admin, please specify the AS numbers, ipowners can also state their ranges in here.

By requesting a key, you certify that the hosts you submit are compromised, or are otherwise a verified source of nefarious activity at the time of submission. Real-time automated submissions provide the most reliable reports with the least probability of reporting false positives. If real-time submission is not practical for your application, batch reports shall be submitted no more than 24 hours after the aggregation of compromised hosts. The DroneBL service MUST NOT be used as a method of retribution against trolls or other annoyances, or for any other personal, non-security related reasons.

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