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The case

Dear users, contributors and probably affected,

For a couple of years now, a certain administrator of has been abusing his works network in order to harras users on IRC on various networks, circumventing bans by constantly changing his IP. The nickname he uses for this is 'enometh'.

The scale of the abuse, and the associated fact that this abuse is on the administrator level of one of the largest ISP's in India, also providing services to several goverment agencies, made us decide to add to our blocklist as of March 17, 2014.

However, since he is an administrator at a quite large network (AS9829), he continues to abuse through other ranges, harrassing us with texts like these (and this is just a raw paste of the stuff I received in my personal message window on undernet):

the blood of your family be on your benefactors and the investors of dronebl who set you up to be able to add a spite entry without any abuse in the first place, you who abuse dronebl as the maintainer, may your family suffer as you caused 10s of 1000s of ISP users to suffer because of koeman's spite and your spite and may your family be holocausted off the face of this planet even in this genertation and all the properties and estates of your family and the families of the spooks and telcos that set you up be holocausted without a remnant so they are of no use whatsover to anyone or anything and no one derives any benefit from them forever and ever in the name of yahshua and almighty god
 may even the members of your family that did not bear false witness be struck down even as you bore false witness against me in the name of jesus christ almighty god may god smash the spine and break the hands and destroy the families of the spooks that set you up and your dronebl racket
 may all the maasens be holocausted just because they share the name of alexander maassen even as the whole /16 blocks you added out of spite

i have a message for your friend terrance koeman, who is still banning me on efnet
I, Suresh Madhu, do hereby swear on the name of the God who formed my soul,  there will be no peace or rest for my soul until the last Maasen and the last Koeman has been genocided off the face of this earth for all the lying false witness you both bear, and the holding companies of dronebl B.V. and B.V have been liquidated and the ddos and telco spooks that sponsored both of your families have been holocausted off with their families and estates and their telco and spook wealth, so theyre all burnt off the face of this earth forever witout anyone deriving a benefit from it forever and ever, so help me god, in the name of jesus christ who was crucified, in the name of god of justice and mercy and truth
 the only way you alexander maasen and terrence koeman will stop lying and stop abusing your spook-setup powers is when you stop breathing. god speed the date when you both cease to breathe and may god torment every family member of yours for 7 years on the deathbed for all your lies and racket that you run on dronebl
 there was no abuse and you reported abuse,may god damn to destruction your lying mouth and your propertiers and estates, may god damn the maasen family to extinction even in your goddamn generation
youre both goddamn spook and telco-banker sponsored retards sponsored because you lie without a conscience and abuse others without a conscience like your 59.92.* bans
 may god send a fire to consume you and your sponsors and all your families and wealth be burnt in that fire even in this generation even by 2017 your lying mouth wither away and die and god shatter the hands and spines of those that set you retards alexander maasen, and koeman up

for every year that spite 59.92.* fake entry dronebl entry keeps everyone using that isp off all irc servers, may EVERY MEMBER OF THE MAASSEN FAMILY BE TORMENTED 7 YEARS ON THEIR DEATHBEDS!  AND may the THE FAMILIES OF the telcos and spooks that set up alexander with dronebl and koeman with an o-line be holocausted offf the face of this planet without a remnant forever and ever"
may god break the spines and smash the bones of the hands of all the admins and opers who gave terrence koeman an o-line and may god destroy without a remnant the families of terrence koeman and holocaust the estates and properties and burn destroy from the face of the  earth the families who set up terrence koeman with the internet business

This being the latest when I did warn him to stop:
* [enometh] (chestnut@ whitener
* [enometh] +#politics +#dxm #poetry @#lisp
* [enometh] * :The Undernet Underworld
* [enometh] idle 00:01:29, signon: Mon May 02 13:28:48

dude, just fyi, if you continue, I will add AS9829 to the list
try to hide that from your bosses
 I hope I made myself VERY clear
 try to explain to all your gov customers and buisenis clients that they are unable to mail outside india because you screwed up
 oh, and before I do that, I will warn a couple of your gov customers
 your job at bsnl will end, and your abuse of privileges there will end too
 and yes, you may quote me on that
sorry i missed your messages
 you added a fake entry, may god damn you and god damn your familty and may god damn the families of all the spooks and telcos that set you up to add fake entries to dronbel. i dont see any other way out of this
nothing to hide. i will be vindicated when you and your bosses have fucked off and are dead from the face of this earth
 god damn you alexander maassen and god damn your friend terrence koeman and may god smash your spines and break your bones that let you bear false witness and may god remove without a remnant the families and utterly destroy the estates of the spooks and royal families that set you up, in the name of jesus christ
there is no technology solution to you or rapbhidae
fuck off and die in the name of jesus christ in the name of almighty god
i will know peace when those bastards who set you up in power of false witness are burning in hell

alexander maasen add  whatever you want to your list, in the name of jesus christ and almighty god who created my soul, may the hand of god destroy you and your family and the may the hand of god destroy terrence koeman and his family and may god utterly burn up your estates and the estates of those who set you two up
i hope i have made myself very clear
and may god destroy without a remnant the families and burn up the estates and livelihoods of all the bnc and irccloud operators who will get the business from your dronebl bans
alexander, i swear even as my name is madhu, this will end when you are dead and all that i have told you since you first added 59.92 to your dronebl list have come to pass.

So around may 8th 2016, we also added to the list, since that was the range, he abused, this was before the last statement from him where I warned him, that if the harrassment etc continues, we might decide to block the entire AS. To make things easier, the last entry is hardcoded into our zone generator in order not to waste 4096 entries when it can be done with 1 and thus does not show in the lookup form when querying any ip in that range. If people mail me about any IP in that range, I inform them about the situation.

Now, let's breakdown the text on his site (containing his personal resume)

First of all, as you might have noticed, he claims to be accused of flooding and spamming, spamming is NOT the case, the reason is the continously harrasments of staff members of various networks, users of networks and evasion of bans on several IRC networks abusing his admin privileges. The stuff he puts into our privates should say enough about this guys attitude.

'These are more lies I was not aware of dronebl and did not care about it until after the 17th.'

Yet he quotes in his own text to have received a warning from Terrence Koeman (raphidae) on Mar 9 22:50:51 2014 IST.

'As the administratator of DRONEBL, I assume you were in connivance with your fellow netherlander, even before he added the entry fo 59.92/16, and in setting up these services to deny legitimate acces to paying customers by bearing false witness and spreading lies.'

Actually, it wasn't terrence who added the entry, I did, based on the logs he and others presented to me, we had a lenghty discussion about it back then with several members of the community as adding large ranges like these is not simply done.

I'd suggest you remove the block (the actual BSNL IP block is 59.92/14, which raphidae was too ignorant to understand), and stop the abuse before my appeals to the higher authority for justice in resolving this matter are heard.

Please DO contact the indian authorities on this, because (and let me abuse terrence's quote a little for that): I am >.< this close to do it myself, notifying the goverment agencies within your netblocks about you.

[Mon Apr 18 21:49:46 2016 -0600] - dronebl record for 59.92/16 seems to be taken out. This had been added out of spite without any actual abuse from 59.92/16 on 2014-03-17

Nope, it actually only expired after sitting in our database for over 2 years, will be readded to the zone builder as we speak. Thanks for pointing that out.

[Mon May 2 2016] - /kill on efnet by terrence koeman, (2016-05-02 11:22:08 +0530) - threat by alexander maassen (2016-05-02 17:36:28 +0530)

See the logpaste above for the full uncut version of the 'threat', what caused it to be made, and the response on it from him.




outsider / May-14-2016 11:28:37 GMT

Comments for The case

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IronSmith said on Aug-30-2016 12:56:04 GMT :

Wow, this guy has been harassing for a while. I encountered him several years ago in Dalnet channels.

dubkat said on May-20-2016 11:47:05 GMT :

Kill-Happy Joy-Joy


Terrence Koeman said on May-14-2016 13:15:56 GMT :

Since he's logging my kill as if it were abuse, here's the context:

[02/05/16][07:52:27] Session: enometh (organizer@
[02/05/16][07:52:30] i swear in the name of almighty God who formed my
that soul my soul will know no peace until you and your entire koeman family line
has been obliterated by God from the face of this earth. so help me God.
[02/05/16][07:52:32] may god destroy without a remnant the lives and
families and properties of every efnet admin that gave koeman and neonjesus an
o-line and may destroy the life and families and holocaust the entire family and
estates and life of alexander maassen and every dronebl telco investor and spook
that set him to add fake entries on dronebl and on routing tables on the basis of
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ???
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is organizer@ * slipping
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is on 1 channels
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is on: #Politics2
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is using irc.Prison.NET Prisoners of the
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is actually
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is online for: 11mins 37secs
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ??? enometh is idle for: 22secs
[02/05/16][07:52:54] ???

After this I killed him with reason "go away". Also note the random ident & gecos to
evade k/x:lines. My timezone is UTC+2.

Lastly I'll note that global kills on EFNet are logged and can be viewed at If you search for "enometh" as "Killee" you'll
find that he's been rubbing a lot of opers the wrong way and his abusive behaviour
can be traced back to 2005 (if you search for "enometh IRC log" on Google you'll
find endless abuse on other networks from 2005 onwards too).

You can also see (by searching on my nicks "raphidae" & "xlnc" as "Oper") that I
/kill-ed four clients total in 2016, two of them were enometh and the other two were
my own bots, so I can't reasonably be described as kill-happy.

Yujin Boby said on Aug-07-2020 20:17:13 GMT :

If one person have a mental problem or something, why should everyone else on the BSNL network get banned ?

There should be a better way to stop these type of abusers.

Alexander Maassen said on Aug-09-2020 00:35:01 GMT :

@Yujin Boby

We DID contact BSNL themself back then many times and got zero response from them on this case. Blame BSNL not caring in this case.

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