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Earlier today, Mibbit was listed in DroneBL. This seems to ultimately have been a side effect of a glitch that happened when we converted the database to PostgreSQL, and only affected a handful of IPs, including mibbits -- Mibbit was listed in DroneBL as a proxy back in December, if anybody remembers.

Anyway, we have decided to give Mibbit a whitelist exception today, so this will not cause any disruption in the future for a service the size of Mibbit.

Some people have taken offense to the fact that we have whitelisted Mibbit, so I would like to explain why we made this decision.

DroneBL has never targeted hosts that can be blocked as a matter of policy. Examples here include TOR exit-nodes, which can be blocked by using, or the newer service. We feel that Mibbit can be blocked by banning the IPs of their backend servers from your service.

While Mibbit technically is an open HTTP proxy, in some respects, and can be abused by enterprising trolls, it is a service that is mostly blockable by setting a local policy to not allow egress traffic from their server to yours, be this through firewalling them or akilling them from the IRC server level.

Anyway, the point is, DroneBL does not target services which can be blocked by means of policy. So, we have decided to whitelist Mibbit for this reason.

Please note that while we are whitelisting Mibbit, it does not mean that Mibbit wont be banned through other services. It just means it wont be banned through DroneBL.

nenolod / Mar-03-2009 19:16:31 GMT

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