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DroneBL Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions.


These questions have to do with the service itself.

Who runs DroneBL?

The DroneBL software was primarily written and maintained by William Pitcock and Steve Church. Additional code and slave labor contributed by OUTsider of ScaryNet (current maintainer), Nick Davey, and William "AfterDeath" Heimbigner. The DroneBL software is open source, released under a permissive BSD-style license.

The DroneBL service is primarily maintained by the above people with some additional help from volunteers on our IRC channel.

The DroneBL DNSBL service is maintained primarily by the above people.

I would like to sue the DroneBL maintainers!

All legal correspondence should be sent by digitally signed e-mail to outsider -at- Legal correspondence which is not digitally signed will be considered invalid per US standards.

I have found a bug in the Web Interface.

Please tell us about it. You can either let us know on IRC or by e-mailing outsider -at-

The DroneBL service

These questions have to do with the DroneBL service.

I have followed your instructions; why aren't I unbanned from the service I was trying to use!

You will have to wait for the ban to expire. The DroneBL staff and moderators have nothing to do with the end-users of the DroneBL service. You should contact them.

Your service is blocking me from sending e-mail!

Well, this is only because your machine has been rooted. Too bad.

Do active entries automatically expire ?

Short and simple: NO, we think issues should be made aware of or dealt with first before simply assuming everything is ok.

You better remove me or I will sue you!

It doesn't work that way. The DroneBL system is fully automatic and no human in particular has added your listing.

You are, however, fully invited to sue us. See I would like to sue the DroneBL maintainers for instructions on how to serve legal documents on the DroneBL maintainers, and thus, sue us.

Can I use your service to stop people from evading bans in my community?

Yes. That's the entire purpose of this service.

How can I report open proxies with BOPM?

In bopm.conf, set dnsbl_to to And dnsbl_from to @. You should note that this address is completely unmonitored, and goes directly to a script which converts BOPM reporting RPC calls into RPC calls supported by the DroneBL software.

How can I set up my BOPM to use DroneBL?

This is covered in Using DroneBL: BOPM. Additionally, you should set up BOPM reporting if you can. It will help to contribute to the overall health of the DroneBL service.

How can I set up my __________ to use DroneBL's DNSBL service?

Read the manual for your __________. It will likely tell you what you need to add to your config file.

Can I use DroneBL in my IDS or network routing equipment to help improve security?

Yes. We would especially love it if you put Powered by DroneBL on your literature somewhere, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

If you do this, please let us know about it, and we will link to your product's website as a "device which uses the DroneBL service".

Will you provide DroneBL data in a format suitable to use as definitions?

Probably, but we will need to know:

Again, if we do this, we want a plug, and we will likely not do it unless we get one.

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