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The DroneBL RPC WebService v1

Highly available querying and manipulation of the DroneBL database.

Deprecation Warning

RPC2 is now active, and documentation is now available. We are currently working on standardizing RPC2 as a DNSBL provider interaction protocol.

However, RPC1 will continue to work for the forseeable future.


The DroneBL RPC WebService is used to connect the DroneBL to other codebases and scripts. Mostly it is used internally to add and remove entries in the database on demand. To use the WebService, you will need an RPCKEY, which you can get by contacting us. Our BOPM reporting service is an example of possible usage of the RPC webservice.


Once you have acquired an RPCKEY, you can use these methods. Note that some methods may not be available depending on what level of access your RPCKEY has.

Url to send requests to:

DroneBL supports POST and GET requests. Please use the following format:


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