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Current sum of all donations is € 278.00

Maintaining DroneBL costs money. At the moment, all expenses are paid out of our own pockets. Hosting, hardware, time.
Any money donated will be used to keep up with the costs. It will be used to cover the costs of hosting, and if there is a surplus,
we will donate money to our hostings in order to enable them to secure their network so they can deal more efficiently
with the regular DDoS attacks they receive because we reside there.

None of the donated money will be spent for personal pleasures like hookers, the sportscars we always wanted etc. etc.
Donations are handled through PayPal. If you want to donate otherwise, feel free to contact us.

Due to the existance of this donation page, the question may have been risen that DroneBL cannot run without donations. This is NOT the case.
As stated above, DroneBL is getting paid out of our own pockets. We will at this moment NEVER threaten to suspend the service should there be
no donations made. Again, this is a DONATION page, not a hidden contribution cost page! To make it even more clear:

We now also accept certain cryptocurrency!

These are the addresses we accept them on: